Friday, May 29, 2009

Two sides of the same coin

I'm always looking for new music and right now 2 country artists fill the bill and demonstrate the range that defines the format. Trace Adkins, "All I Ask for Anymore" and Craig Morgan's "Bonfire." With Trace you get the thought provoking side of country music...songs with deep feeling. Craig provides the uptempo feel-good, rowdy summer-song with "Bonfire" a way
it's "Redneck Yacht Club '09" but that's OK. I love these both for different reasons, and that's what the format is all about, isn't it?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hug your listeners!

NBC News and the NY Times did a feature today on how the "Hug" is the "high-5" of 2009.
Apparently lots of people are hugging much so that some schools have tried to ban hugs!
Hug all you feels good and makes you feel better...which is why we should be "hugging" our listeners. Giving them what they expect...information, good content...reliable info. Make them comfortable...just like a good hug. Keep them coming back for more.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

George Strait is right!

Not only is King George a country music icon...he's pretty damn smart. At the conclusion of Wednesday night's "Artist of the Decade" tribute, George made a reference to all the artists that took the stage and performed his songs and said, "I'm glad I gotta holda them songs before they did."
That sums up why country music is so's always about the songs. George recognized all the great songs that made his three-decade career so memorable. It was good to hear a handful of the 50+ that have been #1 done by some of today's best. It was great to hear George himself wrap it up and let us know he's not done yet!

Stepping off the edge...

I've spent nearly 28 years in the radio business...some days I wonder how it got to be that long! And choice... I've stepped off the edge into the wide world of unemployment.
It actually feels a little guilty to choose to get out of radio when so many of you are out of jobs through no fault of your own.
This business can be crazy...and right now is no different. We're seems more and more each day.
I'm confident that most of us will find ways to adapt, to continue to do great radio, and continue on in the business that we all love so much.
For me, my decision came about when my wife, a Director of Sales accepted a new position in central VA. As we prepare to move our family, I'm energized by the possibilities that await.
If you're out on the edge right now...I hope some of those opportunities and possibilities find you too.